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The Centre dedicated to the growth and development of professional education, industry and social upliftment, intents to create employment opportunities to the unemployed youth by creating IT awareness among the common masses.


As part of the e-learning programme, the centre intents to promote:

I. Computer Education CD

The centre has come up with the CD, "Vivara Sankethika Vidya Jana Munnettathinu (Vijhanam Jana Nanmakku)".

The documental film named "Vijganam Jana Nanmakku" is intended to teach computer software and hardware to the masses. This educational film exposes the use of computers, computer software like Windows, Internet, e-Mail etc. It also deals with Microsoft Word, Paint, Excel, DTP etc. The film also covers the working of Key Board, Floppy Disk Drive, CD Drive, and so on. The main object of the film is to familiarize Information Technology and make use of this technology to the day today needs of the people.

In the video film Honourable Chief Minister, Sri. A.K.Antony, Honourable Minister for Information Technology, Sri. Kunhalikkutty, Honourable Minister for Education, Adv. Nalakathu Soopy are delivering the necessity of IT Education. The film is shot in Malayalam and computer classes along with demonstration are handled by Prof. S.K. Mohan, Principal, College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram, Dr. Sakunthala. S. Pillai, former Director, LBS Centre for Science and Technology, Dr. N. A. Jose, Principal, LBS Engineering College for Women, Thiruvananthapuram, Prof. C. P. Sebastian, Former Principal, RIT, Kottayam, Prof. K. Madhusoodanan Nair, College of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram, Prof. M.A. Ali, Govt. College of Engineering, Thrissur, Dr. Achuth Sankar. S. Nair, Director, C-DIT. The theme of the video film is by Dr. Achuth Sankar. S Nair and Prof. K Madhusoodanan Nair.

II. Computer Education through contact classes

The Centre for Continuing Education Kerala, has come up with contact classes on computers and Information Technology to all the sections of the society, through prepaid coupon systems, which can be availed from the Centre or the promoters.

III. Educational CD

The Centre, in order to assist the SSLC and the +2 students in their studies, has come up with a systematic methodology in an understandable and accessible CDs to help students excel in their exams. The CD will be having questions and answers based on the respective syllabus.

IV. Computer, Electronics, IT Dictionary

An illustrated dictionary on Electronics, Computers and IT, covering current and emerging technology accessible to the common man in English- English- Malayalam version. The user will be assisted with audio visual aids.


A person can join the line of promotion by buying a CD for Rs.500/- either in cash or DD. A promoter can have a maximum of 9 members as his first down line. As part of the promotion of the e-learning solutions, the revenue generated by the sale of the CD's and by adding new down line members will be shared at the rate of 20%,10%,5%,2.5%,1.25% and so on.

When a member admits 1000 down line members, a bonus of Rs.25,000 is paid as flat commission. This continues to Rs.37,500 for 2500 members, Rs.50,000 for 5,000 members, Rs. 75,000 for 7,500 members and Rs.1,00,000 for 10,000 members respectively. Above 10,000 members, the promoter is eligible for an incentive of 2% of the total business. For determining the bonus a maximum of 50% of members will be counted in a downline (leg). If any member succeeds in achieving a minimum of 1000 or above in each of the 9 legs, he will be given an additional incentive of 0.5%.

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