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The Programme began as part of the Canada - India Institutional Cooperation Project(CIICP) that was initiated in 1995. In a coup of sorts, The Indian Government got the Government of Canada to lend support. Started of as a project involving Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, The CIICP consisted of 13 polytechnics and 10 Canadian colleges.

When the Canadian Government withdrew financial assistance, the Kerala Government decided to continue the project of it's own. The Centre for Continuing Education, established in 1998 as an autonomous body under the state government, today has 67 sub centres. These include Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics and Arts and Science Colleges.

Each sub centre has an advisory committee that comprises the college/school principal staff and manager of the Continuing Education Programme. About 25 percent of the profit made by the sub centre goes to the continuing education fund.

The centres impart need-based training to the unemployed youth, provide special training for small scale industries, publish study material for regular and distance education programme and conduct vocational training. The centre also runs an engineering college at Munnar.

The objective of the centre has been to make optimum use of the 'idle' infrastructure in educational institutions and generate income for them. The Programme has brought together entrepreneurs, retired persons, Government officials, housewives and school and college dropouts.

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